Photographically, I was in such a rut in 2013 that viewers I respected and even I myself was bored with what I was producing. To shake off habit's damn dust, I learned to use the multiple-exposure module in my camera (now common), then developed it to suit a particular scene. I made input images with a flash on the Williamsburg Bridge at night, so that in each, girders stood out starkly against gulfs of black. To make an output (final) image, I had the camera compare corresponding points on the input images and use the darkest; black at the corresponding point on any input made for black there in the output. Of course, the blacks between girders ripped through scenes, leaving forms that, before the exposures, were largely unpredictable, most of them just messes, but a few, structured meaningfully. Some obsessive weeks on the bridge yielded enough keepers and cohesion for a portfolio that gained me triumphant admission to Soho Photo Gallery in June 2014 and my first show there in January 2015.