Built by subjects of George III on the eve of the American Revolution, the farmhouse in Chaplin, CT sheltered my family for several years during the 1990s. As irregular stones, wood, and nails show, the muscles of oxen dragged boulders into place to form the foundation / cellar, while the muscles of men felled the trees and sawed the timbers and planks, and formed the nails on an anvil. Nothing is perfectly straight; and many parts creak. Built for simple, pious, hard-working farmers unimaginably poor by our standards, the house is simple. In short, it has a spirit that my portfolio tries to intimate.          

Built of wood and stones from the surrounding forest on the eve of the Revolution, the house in Chaplin, CT, in which I lived with wife and daughter for several years, exudes a spirit of simplicity and time that my images aim to not just express but even more, honor.